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  1. M

    Roseberry Topping - UK

    I've only been taking photos for a year but I always try to put 100% of myself in the photos
  2. M

    New Gear for Beginner - what should I buy

    Hi. I save money for new equipment. I am a beginner photographer, I have been taking pictures for about a year. Currently, I am using the Sony A37 I bought only to check if I really want to do it. And yes, this is what I want to do. And I would like to earn money by photography. Should I buy...
  3. W

    Film Camera PHENIX DC901

    Hey all, I've recently just purchased a Phenix DC901 35mm SLR & I myself are actually just starting film photography, self teaching. I was looking for a camera with a prime lens but unfortunately only had a zoom lens with it, I've searched the web high and low for an instruction manual or any...
  4. L

    New to C-41 developing.. Advice please!

    With suddenly having a lot of time on my hands (stay safe everyone!) and being unable to go to my usual developers, I thought I'd have a go at developing my C-41 film myself. However I'm finding deciding what chemicals to use with what equipment very overwhelming! The two main chemical kits...
  5. N

    New Venture, New Camera

    Hi all, I'm starting up a new business in the UK - not photography based, but with an element of photography required for media and such. I'd also be looking to expand my hobbyism, but am still at a relatively low skill level with a vague understanding of f values, priorities, and the theory of...
  6. T

    Sony SLT-A58 best lens for component photography.

    Hi All I have a Sony SLT-A58 camera and just wanted to know the best settings for shooting sharp product photos that are in focus. What is a good lens that will give me best focus in a depth of field no more than 200mm. What is best shutter speed, ISO and f-stop (aperture). I’m using a light...
  7. A

    Beginner really confused

    Good evening all , I am having a little dilemma with my first camera choice . I currently have a budget of £400 and am looking for a beginner camera for pictures mostly and there just seems so much choice every time I look at 1 camera another pops up . I was tempted by the Nikon d3500 but then...
  8. K

    FD Lens for Jasper and Banff

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on which lens(es) I should take with me in May. I'm a beginner if that helps. I'd also like to have your input on the ISO of the film, aperature, and shutter speed when taking mountain pictures, pictures of lakes, etc.
  9. E

    Photo speed mistake

    So I made a beginner’s mistake, but I AM a beginner. I loaded my Ilford 125 speed into my 35 mm camera and forgot to reset the ISO. So I shot 2 rolls of 125 film set at 400. HELP! No clue how to develop this, or even if I can. I’ve only been in this film class a month. Any advice would be...
  10. A

    Seeking recommendations for a point-and-shoot film camera to replace using disposables!

    Hello! I am seeking advice on what simple point-and-shoot film cameras you would recommend to someone looking to replace constantly using disposables! I just want something that will work similarly, not very fussy, is light, and perhaps better quality. Will be travelling through Southeast Asia...
  11. K

    lens to use for london

    Hi everyone. I am going to London soon and will be taking my camera and I just want some advice on what lens would be best. I want to take photos of the architecture and a landscape photo of the city. I’ve got a 50mm prime lens f/1.8, I’ve also got 55-250mm f/4-5.6 and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
  12. K

    Best settings for Graduation pictures, advice please

    Hi all, I’m a beginner photographer and I am still getting to grips with all the settings (ISO, aperture, shutter speed) and my sister graduates from university in 2 months time and I would like to take her graduation pictures as she doesn’t want to hire a photographers. I’m not really...
  13. J

    Photoshop, introduction to layers for beginners

    Understanding layers, selections, mask and composite images in Photoshop. An easy step by step introduction
  14. M

    Trying to find the best way to edit my images

    Hi everyone, I hope no one minds me asking this here. I really want to start trying to edit my images, but I'm struggling to decide what to buy. At first I was going to buy Lightroom, because it sounded simpler and easier to use for a beginner than Photoshop. Then I was told that the standalone...
  15. M

    Struggling to grasp the exposure triangle

    Hi everyone! I’m excited to be a member of this forum! I only just started taking pictures last week. I’ve never had a camera before and I just got my first DSLR, a Nikon D3400. So far I’ve just been shooting in auto mode, and playing with the aperture priority and shutter speed priority...
  16. Chris Sharples

    What filter/s should I use on my lens?

    Hi, I'm a beginner to photography, and a bit confused on what kind of filter/s I should use for my lens. My first lens came with a UV filter, but I have since purchased two more lenses all with different thread sizes. I own a Canon EF f/4L (77mm), Canon EF f/4-5.6 IS USM (58mm), and Tamron SP...
  17. Miemels

    Analog film camera for beginner

    Hello, I want to start to make short-movies in my spare time and I decided I want to use an analog camera for that. What camera would you suggest for a beginner like me? It does not have to be the most simple camera out there. Im willing to put time into getting to know the camera and the whole...
  18. J

    What was the one photography tip you learned after which you no longer felt like a beginner?

    Hi guys, I've recently published an article called "A Photographer Journey From Beginner to Pro. Rules and Tips From Pros" (don't want to post the link here since this is my first post on the forum). In it I've gathered advice and tips from pro photographers. I'm curious to find out what was...
  19. T

    Lenses for starter camera??

    Im anticipating to purchase a Nikon D7200 camera for my starting. Im getting a camera for instagram shoots with friends (clothing,holiday,art, parties, football/soccer). However, im not very informed on lenses. Having briefly scanned through videos on some terminology and stuff, its not very...
  20. T

    Choir photogtaphy

    Hi I've had my dslr for about 2 years now and are still learning. I prefer landscape photography but my parents are part of an amateur choir doing a charity concert for cancer research and I have been asked to take some photos of the concert. I've been reading various tutorials and/or wedding...
  21. Nick Martin

    My Question About ND Filters (What I Should Buy)

    Hello I am rather new to photography i shoot mostly nature and do long exposures of waterfalls and lakes. I recently upgraded to a better kit lens Sigma 18-250mm and I usually shoot at the wide 18mm. I also used a variable ND filter, however I am looking to buy a rather cheap ND filter...
  22. ToonPatriot

    NON VR, VR or VR2 with my Nikon D3300

    Hi all. First post. As a newbie to anything more than point and shoot, I have decided to buy a D3300. I had considered the D3400 for the connectivity, but I can't warrant paying an extra £100 for wifi! That said, if anybody specifically thinks this is a poor choice, I am willing to listen! My...
  23. N

    Beginner Lens Advice

    Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and the world of photography! I am looking for some advice on buying the most appropriate lens (I am very much a beginner!) I have been asked to photograph a family naming ceremony in September (I have a few months to get some more experience!) and I am...
  24. C

    Going to tromso for Northern Lights

    Hi there, I will be going on holiday in Tromso on Monday and I have Nikon D5300. I am still learning how to take photos properly. I wanted to ask for some advices about settings for best results to capture the northern lights. The temperature will be probably -5 degrees not more than -10...
  25. T

    Which vintage camera should I buy?

    Hi all, I am thinking about buying a vintage camera. I've narrowed it down to the either a Polaroid SX-70 or a Pentax K1000. I could also be swayed by a Canon AE-1 or a Nikon F2/F3... Any tips/advice you could give would be gratefully received!
  26. B

    My next (second) lens...

    Hi everyone, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Now i'm a beginner and don't know too much about DLSRs so please try not to be too technical with me hehe. I recently purchased a Nikon D3300 with a 18-55mm lens. I love it, i'm taking far too many pictures to even look at them...
  27. Wallflower

    Do I invest in fantastic lens or a fantastic camera body - flexible budget

    So I'm needing a bit of advice from you guys out there that really know your stuff, because I'm easily bamboozled by a lot of camera technology as I'm pretty new to it in some aspects. I've had a Panasonic LUMIX GF3 now for a few years which came with a couple of kit lenses. I've found that I...
  28. A

    Hey there!

    Hello everybody on this forum! I'm a beginner at photography, and I wanted to socialise with some other photographers and get some help and inspiration. My name's Alex, and I can't wait to get to know everyone on here. If someone could explain the rank/level system on here that would be great...