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  1. R

    Camera Has Suddenly Stopped Triggering The Flash - any Ideas?

    Hi! My assistant was shooting with my Canon Eos 5MK3 using Godox Ad300s and Godox X1 T Transmitter, all working fine. The batteries went on the lights so I switched her to 2 bowens heads with newer transmitters and receivers, a set up we use a lot, I could dump the flashes but I couldn't get...
  2. G

    Help needed choosing the right flash

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I have been asked to do some internal shots and headshots for a friend's company. I am assuming it will be in tight conditions and under terrible internal lightings so I am guessing, especially for the headshots I will need to...
  3. C

    Trouble with using multiple flashes. PLEASE help!

    Hi everyone. So I finally decided to take my photography to the next level by upgrading to really good equipment. I’m practicing my heart out because I would love to get into real estate photography soon. However I am having SO much trouble figuring out this light stuff. Very briefly I had both...
  4. H

    Flash reflection on glass

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on flash photography (I’m very new to it). I’m trying to shoot ink dropping/flowing through water in a fish tank, and I’m using flash guns in order to do that. However the flash is reflecting on the tank and I can’t seem to find a way to avoid it. The worst...
  5. P

    Speedlite not syncing with 35mm camera

    I have just bought a Canon Speedlite 199a to use with my Canon AE1 (35mm film camera). I've read several manuals and watched many online tutorials, and am unsure as to why my camera's light internal light meter is not synchronising with the flash as it is supposed to. For example, when I have...
  6. LouMoo

    Ringflash Clinical Photo issues; overexposure

    Aw nooo!, I went to Media Gallery by mistake to add a photo and lost my whole post!! :O As you can tell, I'm new here (hello!), and apologies my first thread is a question, but any help would be greatly appreciated! I work as a dental nurse with lots of additional roles, including clinical...
  7. J

    Elinchrom Classic EL-Skyport with External Speedlite

    Hi All! I am considering to buy a new flash trigger using in both studio flash and external Speedlite (Yongnuo 600ex rt ii). I would like to know that does the Elinchrom Classic El-Skyport support the sync cable to Yongnuo 600ex rt ii? I am concerned about that the Yongnuo will not fire the...
  8. A

    1DX, Pocketwizard and 430EX II

    Hi, I've got a 1DX set up with a Pocketwizard plus III to remotely trigger a 430EX II Speedlite. The first Pocketwizard is attached to the hotshoe of the 1DX. The other Pocketwizard is connected to the 430EX II with a 3.5mm to hotshoe adapter. The camera takes a picture and fires the flash...
  9. L

    Cheapest flash for canon 80D with functioning AF beam

    Hey all, I work in a nightclub and need a flash which has an AF assist which would work on an 80D, I have had 3 from Amazon which all work with my old 600D(Rebel T3i) but do not have the AF assist beam working on the 80D. I have the exact same settings and I have made sure to have the flash enabled within...
  10. Georgedaulman

    Help! - How to photograph in dark advice?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice, and any tips and tricks to how to photograph in the dark. Situation: I am photographing at a party for someone's birthday. They have rented a room at a local pub, and would like me to photograph people coming in. It has an Oscar theme, and I will be using a...
  11. I

    Broken AF assist beam

    Hey everyone. I have a Canon 480ex ii speedlight but a while back my beam meter (infrared piece) broke off of it and I lost the piece so now when I take photos on low light I can't focus on the subject. I'm thinking it's because I'm missing that piece. It's there any way I can find and replace...
  12. the voyager

    DJ Portrait (promo shot).

    DJ promo shots. 2 images in total. 1. I have intentionally pushed the contrast on this. Shot against a sunlit background with flash unit on the camera inline with lens axis for a very bold shot.Brightened skin tones up and a fw other tweaks, Light Room only.Shadow on wall from natural sunlight...
  13. S


    I went out to my garage and my lightbulb flashed a few times as i turned it on then i got the idea of this and it turned out pretty nice if you ask me.
  14. S

    pocket wizard CA3 Controller

    Hi all, I'm using a Nikon (D-7100) camera and the pocket wizard Flex TT5, and Mini TT1, and CA3 controller along with the (flashpoint RL 600B mono light). Problem: ... The Flex TT5 will trip the flash but the CA3 does not control the intensity of the flash, question ( is this flash compatible...
  15. Colin Glover

    Advantages of 180mm zoom heads?

    What are the advantages of 180mm zoom heads over 105mm? I shoot a small number of weddings with a 55 to 200 lens supplementing an 18-55 and a 50mm prime on 2 crop bodies. If I'm using the 200 I stand back and zoom in. Sweet spot is somewhere between 80-135 or thereabouts. It's not a fast zoom...