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landscape photography

  1. M

    Roseberry Topping - UK

    I've only been taking photos for a year but I always try to put 100% of myself in the photos
  2. Mountain Mamma

    Want Pointers Sunrise this morning

    Sunrise this morning was another beauty! The smoke from the wildfires settled in our valley again overnight and as the sun was coming up we had some thin fluffy clouds overhead as well that really was a pretty sight. I'm not sure if I like the landscape view or the portrait view better. I...
  3. Mountain Mamma

    Want Pointers Chasm Falls

    I'v started going back through some of my old photos and this is one that I was never quite happy with so I tryed to reprocess it and it is coming along I think, but now I wonder if it looks over processed. Feel free to give pointers or a full critique ( Before ) unedited...
  4. Mountain Mamma

    Full Critique Wild fire glow on the horizon

    Wildfire glow not far from my ranch, On september 6th the cameron peak fire burning about 20 miles southwest of where I live exploded the fire had been burning already for almost a month and on this day the winds really picked up and the fire grew from about 25K acers to 35K acers in just a few...
  5. S

    Advise for first milkyway shoot

    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I am an enthusiast and like taking photos. I currently use a Sony A7r II. I am planning to go out to shoot milkyway photos in the near future. I tried just shooting the sky outside my home today to see if I am able to focus and see what I can capture. Please see...
  6. Mountain Mamma

    Landscape with storm clouds

    We had some interesting view of a storm building out towards the plains of Colorado last night at sunset. I know it is a little more sky than landscape I got my set up a bit wrong for the pano I was just amazed by the colors and that cloud formation. Feel free to CC.
  7. Mountain Mamma

    Want Pointers Colorful Colorado Landscapes

    Hello, this is my first real post in the forums. I love landscape and nature photography but I always seem to struggle more so with my landscape images. So I would love to get some pointers on where exactly I could use some improvement and what things seem to work in what I'm doing. Let me...
  8. Marcus550

    Eilean Donan

    Trip to Eilean Donan Castle with near perfect conditions Shot with Eos R - rf24-105 - samyang 14mm xp
  9. j.jezik

    Full Critique Iceland

    Hi guys. These photos I made a few months ago in Iceland using just my iphone. What do you think?
  10. DBetHig

    Full Critique Black & White Coast

    Practising my composition on the coast. Converted to B&W as the colours weren't adding anything and I think the contrast works better for the long exposure. (Also the colours were a bit funky as my cheap ND filters give such a blue/grey cast) Not totally sure about this one, but would...
  11. DBetHig

    Full Critique Sheppey sunrise long exposures

    Spent a couple of days on the Isle of Sheppey this week. Been trying to hone my composition and editing as I have a tendency to over edit. Also a fan on long exposure water as you may have guessed. (The ocean colours look a tad odd in this lower-res version)
  12. Venkat R Pandey

    Want Pointers Glimpses of Amsterdam and Poznan

    Amsterdam:- Poznan:-
  13. N

    Landscape shoot that didn't really work (but should have!)

    Hi I wanted to share a video and some images (in the video) from a recent shoot from Tiburon (north bay, San Francisco) and the view towards San Francisco. It was a shoot that didn't really work out well even through the area was amazing. How many people have had a similar experiences...
  14. N

    Yosemite winter - printing

    I managed to edit part 2 of my yosemite blog and as I had so many great comments and messages on here from the 1st one I thought I would share it Thanks and enjoy! Nigel
  15. N

    Finally finished my 1st landscape vlog - in Yosemite with D800

    Finally done it! Epic editing tasks - it would be great to get feedback! Yosemite is such an amazing place! Nigel