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  1. R

    Camera Has Suddenly Stopped Triggering The Flash - any Ideas?

    Hi! My assistant was shooting with my Canon Eos 5MK3 using Godox Ad300s and Godox X1 T Transmitter, all working fine. The batteries went on the lights so I switched her to 2 bowens heads with newer transmitters and receivers, a set up we use a lot, I could dump the flashes but I couldn't get...
  2. C

    Trouble with using multiple flashes. PLEASE help!

    Hi everyone. So I finally decided to take my photography to the next level by upgrading to really good equipment. I’m practicing my heart out because I would love to get into real estate photography soon. However I am having SO much trouble figuring out this light stuff. Very briefly I had both...
  3. S

    Advice on studio lighting

    Hi, new to this but wanting to try my hand at some photography and learn about my camera settings, studio lighting etc. Today I picked up some of the umbrella style lighting equipment quite cheap in a charity shop. They have no lights attached though, what lights could I attach to them that...
  4. S

    HELP NEEDED - Neewer n350W strobe fuse?

    Hi folks I just bought the above strobe light but the fuse has blown :( I know it needs a 10 amp glass fuse but does anyone know what length the fuse should be? Seeing a lot of options online and dont know what to order
  5. H

    Softbox recommendations...

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to improve the lighting in my very makeshift studio. I’m photographing ink being dropped into water so I need as much light as I can get. So far all I have is two normal desktop lights, and I’d like to invest in a soft box to light from behind the water tank (something...
  6. H

    Help with white balance and lighting

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and relatively new to photography. I did a fair bit at art school but that was a while back! I am trying to shoot some nice photos of ink dropped in water. I've had a few goes at it but always find new stumbling blocks. I've got white paper for background, two...
  7. A

    Help with lighting

    Hi all, First-time posting newbie here! :wave: I'm working with my girlfriend, who's a musician to take some suitable photos for her artwork. She's a big fan of the retro 70's, soft light, warm hues shots of a band called Tennis (Link removed by Admin) We have a basic 3-way lighting rig +...
  8. J

    Suggestions for black backdrop to be used on the floor

    Hi - first post so apologies if in the wrong place/other rookie errors. I have an eBay store selling clothing and have been developing the quality of my images throughout the last couple of years. I shoot with garments positioned neatly on the floor, over a white paper roll. I use a basic Canon...
  9. J

    Warming lighting effect?

    Hi, saw this photo online and was wondering how the photographer achieved the warm effect with the soft red and yellow lighting either side? Any advice would be good thanks. (Image deleted by Admin, due to copyright issues. Just because it's on the net does not mean that you can reproduce it.)
  10. F

    Been Awhile

    So its been a while since i have been here. No excuses. Been busy building up the photography sessions and workshops at the Bird of Prey Centre amongst other things... including getting married. thought i would pop a couple of relatively recent one here to share.. .
  11. Georgedaulman

    Help! - How to photograph in dark advice?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice, and any tips and tricks to how to photograph in the dark. Situation: I am photographing at a party for someone's birthday. They have rented a room at a local pub, and would like me to photograph people coming in. It has an Oscar theme, and I will be using a...
  12. J

    Advice needed for small home studio

    Hi, I'm currently weighing up my options in terms of equipment for a small home photography studio (in my living room). I will be doing mainly headshots but would also like to be able to do medium and perhaps full length portraits. The layout of the room is shown in my childish sketch below...
  13. S

    Photo Restoration Tips/Help

    This is a small project I just started, however it is proving troublesome. I am by no means a pro, I'm self taught through the many online tutorials and by trying things out myself in various software titles. I mainly use Jasc Paintshop Pro 9 (old but it is a excellent editor I been familiar...
  14. Kev Y

    Thoughts on Flexible LED Panels?

    I've been looking at some flexible lighting options ever since I saw this video from Emberlabs: I this short film was mostly all CGI, but I thought it was ingenious that that used an flexible led light to create that camp fire effect. I've never see anything like this up until this point. I've...