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  1. Mountain Mamma

    Want Pointers Sunrise this morning

    Sunrise this morning was another beauty! The smoke from the wildfires settled in our valley again overnight and as the sun was coming up we had some thin fluffy clouds overhead as well that really was a pretty sight. I'm not sure if I like the landscape view or the portrait view better. I...
  2. Mountain Mamma

    Want Pointers Colorful Colorado Landscapes

    Hello, this is my first real post in the forums. I love landscape and nature photography but I always seem to struggle more so with my landscape images. So I would love to get some pointers on where exactly I could use some improvement and what things seem to work in what I'm doing. Let me...
  3. Marcus550

    Eilean Donan

    Trip to Eilean Donan Castle with near perfect conditions Shot with Eos R - rf24-105 - samyang 14mm xp
  4. SFTphotography

    Glencoe Sunrise - One from a recent workshop

    I grabbed these on a recent workshop last week. Once I got my client comfortable and ready for what was one of the best mornings I ever saw I couldn't resist a few shots and the client wanted a few demonstration shots on how I work. Whilst I don't shoot time lapses (I really should) I do like...
  5. DBetHig

    Full Critique Sheppey sunrise long exposures

    Spent a couple of days on the Isle of Sheppey this week. Been trying to hone my composition and editing as I have a tendency to over edit. Also a fan on long exposure water as you may have guessed. (The ocean colours look a tad odd in this lower-res version)
  6. R

    Tuscany Sunrise

    October 2016
  7. the voyager

    Yoga Teacher at Sunset...

    Hello. I would like some feedback on a shot I got last night. I have done minimal photo editing in Lightroom, just WB, saturation and standard brightness / contrast, and very lightly brightened up her hand with the want tool. Here is the tech info: f 5.6 1/200 focal length: 42mm (18-105)...
  8. SFTphotography

    Loch Cill Chriosd and Blaven sunrise

    I just love reflections, ok. It is what I will shoot whenever the chance arises. Nothing quite does it for me the way still water does and with a low wind speed forecasted it seemed rude not head up to Skye in the small hours two weeks back. I've been here before but it was a grab and go when...
  9. SFTphotography

    Rannoch Moor, wide crops

    Just a simple letter box crop from an outing last March. Dawn _DSC0417 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Sunrise _DSC0431 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr I just love mornings like this.
  10. SFTphotography

    Two from Sligachan, Dawn and Sunrise

    Kind of forgot about these as just back from Skye yesterday after a sunrise at Loch Cill Chrisod which I will process later today These were taken on one of my trips up there last month. Dawn _DSC0501 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Sunrise _DSC0523 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr The light...
  11. SFTphotography

    A Blustery sunrise at Elgol

    Three from Elgol last Wednesday. Not really a seascapes person but had a ball nevertheless. _DSC0156 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC0169 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC0190 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  12. KacperMichalik

    My Landscapes and Adventure shoots

    Hi. I'm a photographer from Poland in Europe. Photography is my hobby since 2013 when a I bought my first DSLR and started taking photos of PC projects and parts. Latter I was fascinated about long exposure and nature photos, I'm also did portraits and commercial projects recently, but two...
  13. SFTphotography

    Skye Trips Last week

    Something for everyone here. I took two morning trips up to Skye last week. The 1st was to Elgol. The sunrise came lighting up the view. _DSC3318 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr The tide was working its way out so I found a different spot a bit later _DSC3334 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr On...
  14. David260165

    Want Pointers Pre and Post Sunrise

    Went out early but was disappointed when the anticipated spectacular sunrise didn't put in an appearance. Quite like the misty shots but that wasn't part of the plan. Then on the way home the sun broke though and the light was sensational.
  15. David260165

    Sunrise at Warren Hills, Leicestershire

    Joined this forum when I bought my first DSLR in July. Posted a couple of things but felt completely out of my league when looking at some of the fantastic work posted by others. Decided to learn how to use my camera and brush up on my technique before posting again. I still feel out of my...
  16. Alan Smith

    Ripples in Mist

    A New Forest lake at sunrise. I took this a few years ago on a cold morning in foggy conditions. The ripples were courtesy of me throwing a pebble into the water in a position to liven up the composition.
  17. Alan Smith


    A New Forest lake at sunrise on a misty morning.
  18. Selwick Bay

    Selwick Bay