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7artisans 60mm macro 1:1 for APS sensors


EXIF Seeker
Super Moderator
I have just seen this review of the 7artisans 60mm macro for APS cameras, 1:1 ratio. 7artisans are a Chinese company, producing manual focus lenses that people are saying produce some very good lenses. Considering a Fuji macro 80mm comes in at £1083, this lens at £160 is probably a nobrainer for me. Have seen it from uk sellers as well. This review is of the Sony APS version



Always on
I’m pretty sure it will be great. I have the APSC for Sony fit. 50mm and it’s really good. No longer in use as I no long shoot with a Sony


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Premium Member
My only thoughts on that lens are the extending front end. It is one thing I have found to be a pain when using macro lenses for live beasts. Fortunately as a Canon user I have the excellent Canon 60mm macro which only cost me £300.