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Angel of the North


Always on
I thought this would have been done to death but a search shows that despite 90,000 vehicles passing each day, not many actually get out and photograph her. For me, it's a little pilgrimage when I go to Newcastle. This time I had a proper camera instead of just a phone. I took the first image then another 29 to try and get the right exposure. And ended up using the first one I took, with a hopefully reasonable edit :)



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Thank you’s. I saw all those people when I arrived and my heart sank. Then I thought, actually they’ll give it a sense of scale, the point you’ve all noticed too.

It’s 20m tall and the foundations go down 21m. The body weighs 100 tonnes and the wings 50 tonnes so it ain’t going to blow over very easily.


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Found one thread has a piccie of @tenchy


New Member
That's very cool. I went there once, it was a cold rainy November day and I was the only person there! Loved it, spent quite a while wandering around and gazing up at her. The people do add a great sense of scale though. Otherwise, it's hard to comprehend. My favourite fact about her is that her wings are wider than those of a 747...


Old Hand
I went there years ago - got some nice light in the evening but some local "lads" turned up on bikes doing their best Ali G impression chanting "f*ck da police" over and over.

I felt that was cue to move on. Nice thing in a terribly rough part of the world.


Here a lot
I was there only last weekend on the way down south. Pouring with rain. Grim attempt to snap it. Will dig out a pic. Love Gormleys work.C7D_1183hdr low res small.jpg
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No need to be embarrassed - I had to ask as that’s a very believable edit. Just wondered if you’d got lucky with the real version