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could i have some critique of these pics


Old Hand
I've come to the discussion very late - I've been looking at the shots and trying to think what I would do different, and the answer is already up above, by several people: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO! The compositions are OK, and I do like Snips' version of the last in mono - works very well. There comes a time when you just cannot get things to work, and you then either give up in frustration, or take a step back and get advice, which you've done. The trick is now to go out and pick an area easily accessible to you, so you can go back time and again, and take shots you can compare to each other. Don't give up. We all take pictures which, in our minds eye, will look fantastic, yet when we get them home they are hideous (well, I do...). If you've not done so, get on a course locally with a landscape photographer who will go through the basics and show you how to get the best from your camera - 1:1 would be best, but may be more expensive. Camera club is also a great idea, and I know I've had great benefits with the quality of my photographs as a result of some constructive judging (...but camera club judges are another story....:mad:)
Whatever, keep posting!
thanks pete for your thoughts. I know they are rubbish pics, they were just taken in my front garden, I do really need to get out somewhere with better views, only we have just moved from n yorks to s. yorks. so now we have most of the work done, I am hoping to get out with a friend walking. also I have been reading and watching you tube, ( photography ). when I was taking pics with my sony, I had some really good shots taken in Manual, one or two which I framed, and was so proud, yes, I know I have to go AV, and I am, but now I have this canon and lens 70/300 sigma, is just getting used to it. I will not give up, I will keep on trying, do not care how long it takes me. thanks once again, and everyone else who as taken the time to reply. I am so gratefull. I do not think I will be putting anymore pics on for a while, until they are decent ones!!!!!.xx

Grumpy John

Here a lot
I have a saying Lynn, "It's only a mistake if you don't learn from it". I believe that this is true for most things in life, so do not think of your images as failures, but necessary stumbles on the way to mastering you new camera and lens setup. Keep at it.