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Freebie - Photolemur from Skylum now free


Always on
Premium Member
Always good to know but downloaded it, tried it and uninstalled it.
If that's AI then I'll stick with my old Photoshop CS6.
I suppose for free it's worth having look but automatic editing !!!! I don't think so.


Always on
Premium Member
Not over keen Don, had to adjust a few things shadows, one or two others clarity/black, to how I like now I've uploaded here and its gone darker.Be OK for those who haven't got Ps, L/room etc. Still I'll try it a bit more.



Looking for a cause.
Gave it a try and it did quite a good job on my raw image, only problem is that on my oldish laptop it took ages to do anything so unusable I'm afraid at the moment, but thank you for the link Don.


Always on
I'm in 2 minds on whether to try it out or not, now I've read the comments from those above. Probably why it's a freebie.


Here a lot
Hi, Firstly thankyou for the heads up Don. I already purchased Skylums softwrae Luminar and HDR, found on a windows 10 computer that Luminar seems to run slow yet Luminar Flex that comes free when you purchase the full Luminar running as a plugin from Lightroom 6 is very fast. The down side is not the software but Skylum it's self, I get more emails from that company than any other I have delt with, JMO but they push to hard to sell there products. But to get back to the free Photolemur if it's free give it a try what have you got to loose? Russ.


Always on
Thanks for the heads up Don.
I've not been overly impressed with it's results so far, It's improved some unprocessed shots but not done anything I can't do quicker in FastStone. I'll try a few more genres before giving up on it, as it may come into it's own on portraits....


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
I tried it, then binned it; in all the stuff I tried it on it didn't improve anything only made it look prettier. Problem is the level of the end user and what they are expecting out of it; perhaps it'd be great for someone like my nieces or my other half who just wants to pretty up a photo a bit before posting somewhere, but for someone who has experience in post with proper tools it's like buying a sub to Lightroom and only using the "Auto" button.


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
Seems like it, Don; it'll probably hang around a bit whilst it gets quite a bit of "free" use (be worth packet sniffing it, to see how chatty it is) and then quietly off and disappear when something like Luminar 4 is released.