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Incombe Hole


Always on
Premium Member
Dropped by at Incombe Hole, Bucks just to try a new 3 stop medium grad I picked up. The shot is nothing special, was just to see how well the filter worked. It is a location where it is surprisingly hard, at least for me, to find a good composition. Also had a polarizer on for not other reason other than my hands were too cold to unscrew it from the Nisi holder. The shot is almost SOOC but with a little NR applied and the shadows lifted as even with three stops grad I needed a further stop in the shadows.



Always on
Premium Member
Beautiful light and scenery. Nice shot Phill.
Thank you David.

The part of the UK where I live is mainly rolling hills and relatively flat. We are not blessed with the wonderful valleys and mountains of Scotland and more northern parts of England. While I am a couple of hours drive from the coast these hills are chalk and still contain complete sea shells. This particular spot is a geological oddity formed in the ice age. As such it has become popular with the tv and film industry with many production over the last 70 years filmed there and still are today. For that reason it is quite well photographed but it is hard to find any stunning shots of the place. I really struggle to get anything there and mainly just photograph birds and insects. So if anyone knows the spot and has any tips I would love to hear them.