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just a question


Hi There

Not been on for a while as husband has not been well, anyway i am a volunteer photographer with a heritage railway only spare time as work full time but i am currenlty doing a diploma in photography to try and better myself with the British Academy of Photography up to my 3rd and 4th assignment, its a home study course as i work shifts.

But i would like to know if anyone can share information about how you get a black background say for instance of a flower making the background black, i know it can be done but i want to try it myself but dont know how, this is not for my course this is merely just for me, that info is just give you a bit of background on me.

Anyway if anyone can help, would appriciate it.

Regards Jan


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I am sure someone can tell you in more technical words..
And as I don't shoot flowers..
But getting a black bg can be done with a flash. I would go about it in the shade, nothing too close in the bg and making sure the flash overpowers the shutter speed, yet exposing the flower properly.
My suggestions are to start there...a little pp can help.


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Option 1. Black card behind the flower when you shoot is the easiest way to start. Then touch it up in Photoshop or whatever you have.
Option 2. You can select your flower and remove the background but the subject must be sharp. I've just quickly selected a flower shot to show you how it's done.



Wave your black brush all over the picture. It will leave the flower untouched.

That's the simple way to do it. You can touch up any small areas with the same brush afterwards, just make the brush size smaller first.
Hope this helps.

Mike Singh

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OK it is not complicated to do. You will need a flash. Try and get some space between the flower and the background about 1-2 feet should do. You under expose the scene so that your image is black, start with -2 under exposure. Set you flash to ETTL or equivalent. Focus and take a test shot. Adjust the flash output to expose the flower correctly. For this to work your flash has to be close to the subject.

You can read up on the inverse square law and it’s application. I will link examples and some videos later.


See my example here


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Simplest: black card, I use a black foam core board
Most technical: using a flash and working with distance to subject and light falloff.