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Shooting TLR cameras


I have a side hobby of finding old film that has been exposed and developing it. Most times its a dud. Fog or some other degrading that makes it not worth much. Last week I was in an antique store and there was a bag of 25 rolls of film unopened Tri-x Pan 620 and 120 film. I bought the lot for 10 bucks. Heck the boxes for display are worth more than that. They were dated 1966 to 67. When I inspected the film I found one exposed roll of 620. I put a roll of film in my Yashica D 120 dated 1966. I had little hope of it turning out. I know the on stop per decade and that seemed like a lot so I halfed it. Here is a few pics of the shot in the 60s roll and of my roll.

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Roger S

Crazy Canuck
Hi Ed. I guess it's been over a year since I told you about ticking the "full image" box when uploading photos, so I suppose I can forgive you this time. I'll fix these for you now.

P.S. Why such an obtrusive watermark on these?


Always on
Nice haul on that film, the 620 alone would be fun in a brownie :)

I've been hitting antique shops and thrift stores looking for film kit. Scored a basket of cameras for $10, 6 fully working and a dozen rolls of film 35mm. My local store closed and they gave me a bag of slide film that has been in the freezer for 30 years, can't wait to try it :)