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Shutter Count for EOS 7D Mark II

Grumpy John

Here a lot
Since I acquired my 7D Mark II I have been looking for a program that will give me a shutter count.
Previously with my 7D I was using Canon EOS Digital Info which worked fine, but will not read any info for the Mark II.

Canon EOS Digital Info (7DII).jpg

This program will read the info on my 100D(Rebel SL1) just fine. you do not have to have any images stored in the camera for this program to work.

Canon EOS Digital Info.jpg

I downloaded and paid for a program called FreeShutterCount (which isn't free if you want the shutter count to be displayed). This program worked fine with the exception that the camera serial number is garbled. You do have to have at least one image stored in the camera for this to work, not sure what would happen if you had images stored on both the CF card and the SD card.

Shutter Count.jpg

The problem I had with this program is that I had to install the special drivers for it to work. I am still using Windows 7, this might not be an issue for Win 10 users. These drivers killed the installed drivers and as a result neither the EOS Utility would detect my 7DII, nor would Adobe Bridge recognise the camera. I may install it on my laptop instead as I don't require access to the shutter count as much as I download photos to the PC.

I have tried the Astro Photography tool as mentioned in Geeman's post, but I found it a PITA to use. I also tried the site DonS mentioned here, but it did not work for my 7DII nor would it work for my 100D(Rebel SL1). I also looked at an App for my iPhone called ShutterCount, but decided against it.

Have any of the other 7DII users here been able to find a reliable shutter count program they could recommend? The fact that Canon want to keep the shutter count a secret is a mystery to me :(.