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What filters do you use and why


Please can this NOT be turned into a thread about using/not using filters and if they are/not needed or Photoshop

Im am getting back to something I really never could master, Landscape, I have recently for some time been a sports photographer with Classic Cars magazine, also shooting for others and covered many sports events such as P1 Superstock, P1 Aqua X, (and no not all pros earn a lot :( I did it as I have loved photography all my life)

But Landscape.................... Being Autistic (Aspergers) you may think I am an artistic person... NO, sports is dead easy.

I used to use a lovely (regret selling) Brony SQAi.

I now use my LEE 150s on my Nikon, I did have the 14-24 but used it so rarely, my main goto is the 24-120 Nikkor

Whilst I have a selection of LEES, 10 stopper, Tobacco grad, .6 ND hard, .9 ND hard, .6 ND soft, and polarizer

I would like to know what your MAIN choice for filter is and an example please, and WHY so that I may learn. Also is there one I shoud look out for and why

Many thanks


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My most used an a circular polarizer. The effect of a CPL cannot be recreated in software. Next is a ND for slowing shutter speed. I have ND grads, but I never use them any more. Way too fiddly to play around with and I can do it in software much easier.


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I use CP primarily to manage reflections rather than enhance skies and use a 3 and 6 stop filters to manage shutter speed much more than I use my 10 stop.


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I shoot quite a lot of infra red & am trying ultraviolet imaging too. So I use a very wide range of filters :)
Many of the old strongly coloured filters for B&W work quite well on my Full spectrum converted camera giving parts of the visual spectrum along with IR. All the yellow, orange & red filters are basically long pass filters sold as 'high color', 'super color' etc in IR conversions, some of the greens & blues block quite a bit of IR & other transmit it well so the results from different filters here can be significant.
An X1 on a foveon sensor camera can give results similar to the old aerochrome IR film:
https://flic.kr/p/2ecQc7d More exotic filters are needed at the UV end U330 or U340 should work with a suitable addition to block the IR leakage...

Using my converted A7ii without a filter can give results highly influenced by IR too such as flektogon unfiltered small.JPG

So a IR cut filter is another one I often use (mine clipping in to the camera body behind the lens)