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When your camera goes for a swim


Looking for a cause.
Now that's a painful memory for me and my 70D, may be you remember this post.



Always on
Premium Member
Well, I feel for him. I dropped a 5D3 in a lock gate a couple of years back. Worse still was a full bag of kit picked up by the 70mph wind and dumped in Portland Harbour. I felt really stupid that day.

Another chap I know of was standing in a canal with his kit on a tripod in the water. He decided to change bodies but forgot his 600mm Canon F4 would then be very front heavy.

Out in Egypt another chap sent his kit into the drink. We had made a platform out of old masts and bits of wood so he could be over the water while we sailed around him. In hindsight it was a bad idea. I have pics somewhere.


Always on
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Here is the platform before it was placed in the sea. It lasted about 2hrs before it collapsed. The chap on top was the owner of the cameras that ended up in the drink.