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Your top E-bay vendors (resource list).


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
This thread here is for you to place the link to your favourite e-bay camera related vendors so everyone can benefit.

For a vendor to qualify to go in here, one of two requirements must be fulfilled, and these are :

  • You have multiple transactions on different products with them.
  • They have gone above and beyond the level of service expected to fulfil your requirements.

It is not a list for you to place your own sales, etc, and it's not a place to ask about products that you have seen on E-bay; this is just here for you to put links to the people you have used and would use again for purchasing products and if you post a link in to here, please state what the level of service was from them, and why you would go back to them in the future.


Ol' Sparky
Honorary Life Member
The one I would recommend is pantelis51 who builds bespoke high speed triggers, and I've had products from him for a few years (and this week we've been discussing new products and equipment away from E-bay)

Good prices on hardware, and a vendor who listens to user feedback in what they would like to see improved in the equipment he sells.


Always on
Honorary Life Member
I deal with the ones below first when looking for an item as they always give me good service

Babz Media quick and cheap

Crooked imaging real stuff inexpensive and good service

Surrey Photographic supplies

Camera repair materials

Hiltons of Hull
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Rain maker
Hitechproduct are a good supplier of the cheap, but very good Yongnuo flashguns. They ship from UK, and a member recently had good service for a failed unit.


Always on
plus one for Babz media, usually very quick delivery an cheap prices.

Also plus one for HitechProduct, got my 622C Triggers from them, quick delivery and they have a UK delivery option, though you need to watch as they also have the same products despatched from Hong Kong.