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  1. I

    Olympus OM-2 Spot/Program metering issue

    Hi Folks! I have a question regarding my Olympus OM-2 Spot/Program: Normally when in auto mode, the meter goes all the way up to 1000/1 when you overexpose and makes a beeping sound, warning that you're overexposing. No matter how much light I shed into the lens, the light meter is still only...
  2. H

    Any funky film recommendations?

    hello all. Rediscovered my love for film recently but I’m not feeling too inspired by shooting on Kodak or Fuji. Was wondering if anyone has any cool funky films they like shooting on and where I can get them ? Have heard a lot about cinestill film, might order a roll off amazon. Not too...
  3. S

    Analog editing/manipulation/retouching

    Hi, I'm researching about analog retouching/photo manipulation/retouching techniques in the 1920/30 for a book project. I would live in the perfect city for that. With the technical museum and a whole department about that. But it's closed until 2020. Most helpful would be a video. Not because...
  4. S

    Help please: camera wheel doesn't turn

    Hello people, So I've been doing analog photography for a couple of months now but I'm still a newbie - as you can see, I still struggle with the basics. I recently bought the Canon A1, I put the film inside, but when pulling for the next frame, the wheel didn't turn completely, or didn't turn...
  5. Miemels

    Analog film camera for beginner

    Hello, I want to start to make short-movies in my spare time and I decided I want to use an analog camera for that. What camera would you suggest for a beginner like me? It does not have to be the most simple camera out there. Im willing to put time into getting to know the camera and the whole...
  6. K

    Pushing Film

    Say if I were to push 100 to 400 what actually happens to the film? I understand that this will allow me to shoot things at 400iso which means that the image will be slightly more grainy. But what is the difference between pushing 100 to 400 over just shooting straight onto film which is meant...
  7. D

    Canon AE-1 Program Oil Issue

    Hello, So I tried following one of the many tutorials to fix the AE-1 "squeak" by trying to lubricate the gears that flip the mirror and it seems like the oil I used "slowed" down the mirror along with some other things. I don't have a comparison video but a 1/1000 shutter speed should be a lot...