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buachaille etive mor

  1. SFTphotography

    Full Critique Three Scottish Reflections

    1. The Buachaille _IMG1564 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr 2. Loch Ard Mist _IMG0945 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr 3. Loch Chon clearing mist _IMG0937 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  2. SFTphotography

    THAT mountain in Glencoe

    If Carlsberg made evenings.... _IMG0843 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0862 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0905 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  3. SFTphotography

    That mountain in Glencoe

    _IMG0046 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0059 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0137 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _IMG0183 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr All entirely predictable but also an an entirely wonderful place to be
  4. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor

    Three from a delightful summers evening when the temperature was at least in double digits. My camera will not leave it's bag now until May. I arrived nice and early - maybe it was a tad flat but far too good to ignore _DSC2300 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Then it got properly nice _DSC2309...
  5. SFTphotography

    THAT mountain and waterfall in Glencoe

    Not feeling the love for Autumn at the moment and missing the summer greens already - I know that's not a common sentiment with other landscapers but it is certainly mine. Not enjoying the cold and wind at all. Here's some from August just been. No sunlight really which was a crying shame but...
  6. SFTphotography

    A lovely June's evening (followed by a night in the car) then morning in Glencoe

    1. Faded light but a jolly nice hot summers evening to be out _DSC3692 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr 2. A quick nap in the car then Lochan na Fola first thing. Sadly it was a bit too cloudy for the strong light to come though and the early morning light was very diffused. _DSC2078 by Stephen...
  7. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor - morning and evening

    1. Morning _DSC3431 - 7x6 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr 2. Evening _DSC3644 - Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  8. SFTphotography

    June in Glencoe

    It's finally almost June and summer is here. Sadly I cannot partake in the excellence that is on offer at the moment so will post some highlights from what is one of my favourite months in the entire year. The Torren Lochan _DSC1726 - Version 3 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr The Famous Falls...
  9. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor - a very nice sunrise

    This winter I've spent a lot of time reprocessing old shots, finding new crops and especially with Covid19 it seems wise to continue on this vein as opposed to head out and be selfish. Some nice reflections on the Coupall River just up stream from the famous falls _DSC6488 by Stephen Taylor...
  10. SFTphotography

    So I am a little bit obsessed with Buachaille Etive Mor

    doesn't appeal quite so much as it once did. May 2017 Here's a 5x4 - I'd have liked 4x3 but when trying to crop I couldn't get the frame edges right with the mountain centered well enough but it's fine on a 5x4. The original one was 2:1 and looks great but that sky seems to good to lose and...
  11. SFTphotography

    Some local images (Glencoe) from the last couple of weeks

    Picked a very still day for these and even then I needed a few exposures to get a complete static set of grasses (on the embankment). I used a long exposure to smooth out any slight ripples in the river so only the calmest of moments gave me the chance to get everything (and I mean everything )...
  12. SFTphotography

    Some recents from Glencoe

    I spent a most wonderful Sunday evening (between rain showers and gusts of wind at the Torren Lochan). There were some moments where the water was not still due to rain and horrible wind but the rain had the most welcome effect of clearing the air so the clarity was just wonderful after the...
  13. SFTphotography

    Three from this week in Glencoe

    Finally summer is here. It's no secret it's my favourite time of year so it was high time I headed out to enjoy the fine weather. It's still a little brown on the Moors so I chose compositions around this. First up is a lovely little fall on the River Coe - very little light about but the sky...
  14. SFTphotography

    Glencoe Sunrise - One from a recent workshop

    I grabbed these on a recent workshop last week. Once I got my client comfortable and ready for what was one of the best mornings I ever saw I couldn't resist a few shots and the client wanted a few demonstration shots on how I work. Whilst I don't shoot time lapses (I really should) I do like...
  15. SFTphotography

    Two local sunrises

    Both edits from this time last year (last March was brilliant, this one has been by all accounts hopeless). Cropped differently - this is a 5x4 bringing in just a bit more skye (see what I did there) _DSC2189 - Version 3 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr I originally did this as a square -...
  16. SFTphotography

    Glencoe Winter Scenes

    _DSC1804 (1) by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC1733 - Version 2 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Stobb Dearg by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC7036 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC0137 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC7020 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC1762 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  17. SFTphotography

    Glencoe wintery scenes

    Technically this is Autumn but it was cold enough to be winter...a square crop of one from earlier this year _DSC3877 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr I've shown this scene as a 2:1 countless times, however I came across an old card and found one I took at a slightly longer FL which I probably did...
  18. SFTphotography

    Summer in Glencoe - an assortment of images

    Been putting off working on this shot for a while - it's not my best of the summer from there. The light never really came through and this glimmer the only light of the day - shame really as the sky was epic and had it come through it would have been one of the all time great mornings...
  19. SFTphotography

    Glencoe in this wonderful weather

    The weather has been incredible over the last couple of weeks. Here are a few shots taken during what has been the best spell of weather since May which was also pretty awesome. This summer has to the best one I can recall and such a treat after such a long, horrible and drawn out winter...
  20. SFTphotography

    More Glencoe

    _DSC2456 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC3322 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC3176 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC3289 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC3300 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  21. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor

    Here's a few pictures from Glencoe last Monday. The weather was terrific, lovely and still and the light came through. I am glad to say finally the grasses are turning a little greener as summer finally turns up again. The sky turned vividly pink just before sunrise. _DSC3207 by Stephen...
  22. SFTphotography

    Glencoe Winter 2017

    A while back I posted a series of B&W renditions of my trip(s) to Glencoe. Here are the colour ones Black Rock Cottage _DSC1609_Rendition 1 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Frozen Falls - I hadn't intended on taking this picture but when I saw the frozen falls I new I had too. It's not the...
  23. SFTphotography

    Sunrise in Glencoe

    _DSC1476 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr _DSC1485 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Two from Friday morning when I took someone for a workshop up there. We got lucky that morning for sure.
  24. SFTphotography

    Glencoe over the last two weeks

    Loch Ba _DSC1352 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Torren Lochan _DSC0823 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr The Buachaille _DSC0760 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Loch Tulla _DSC1428 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr
  25. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor, round the back

    I've been spending a lot of evenings down at the Torren Lochan and up here at Lagangarbh. Normally I shoot the cottage and the reflection of the Buachaille in a still water pool. Indeed I did this as I have done many times before a couple of weeks back. _DSC0314 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr...
  26. SFTphotography

    Buachaille Etive Mor

    First Light from the River Etive (well once the sun finally broke through the clouds behind me) _DSC0287 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr Later on from a small water pool _DSC0302 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr It's a lovely time of year with the moorland finally turning green after months of...
  27. SFTphotography

    Torridon, via Glencoe

    The last weeks weather has been amazing. Lovely clear azure blue skies. I know the established norm in landscape photography is clear blue skies are bad for taking photographs but I disagree. In this part of the world they are almost certainly a rarer event than stormy skies, or the dark "moody"...
  28. SFTphotography

    Glencoe and Rannoch Moor, Finally some snow

    After the disaster which was Sunday/Monday with the failed memory card I decided to get back out there with a fresh memory card on Wednesday/Thursday to see what I could come up with. Dawn at the Buachaille: _DSC4013 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr First light was not disappointing but snow all...
  29. SFTphotography

    Three from Glencoe last week

    I had someone in last Monday for a half day workshop in the morning. I didn't manage to get many images of my own taken for the obvious reason was I was teaching someone and showing them the sites. They wanted to go the "spot" where the silver birch sits by the falls with the view to the...
  30. SFTphotography

    A few from Glencoe, Argyll over the last week

    It's been great down here with my favourite type of weather, no winds meaning lots of reflections around as we all know reflections are my favourite type of scene going. There's also some lovely red hues around due to the Autumn. Here's the Buachaille _DSC3453 by Stephen Taylor, on Flickr...
  31. SFTphotography

    Full Critique Lochan Urr, Glen Etive

    Took a quick stop here on the way back from Torridon on Sunday. It is a wonderful place just to sit and gather your thoughts. To be honest I spent probably about 2hours here just thinking about life, people gone by and just taking in that massive big view. There was some nice clouds about so...
  32. SFTphotography

    Snow, snow, beautiful snow

    Not so long until the winter comes. I am not a fan of the cold, I prefer the heat and sun which is tough living in Scotland but the beauty of a snow covered landscape and bite of the fresh cool air has a very special appeal of its own. Here's a few snowy images from me from home and abroad...
  33. SFTphotography

    Full Critique A few from Glencoe area from last year. Reprocessed images agaim

    As per the last thread I've been spending some time reprocessing old images. Its brought about some minor improvements and rectified a few technical flaws I found. Recropped a few as time moved on the composition jarred me a little. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed reliving the...
  34. SFTphotography

    Autumn in Scotland

    I went outside to clean my car this morning and couldn't believe the number of leaves that are coming off the trees already. Combined with some low morning mists on a workshop I led last week it seems like the year is turning already. Autumn is a magical season here in Scotland and I thought I'd...