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gear help

  1. Squire Robert

    Travel, what gear to take?

    I, with my wife, will be touring Vietnam early next year and I would appreciate some advice and comments on what to take. I must say at the outset it’s not a photographic holiday (vacation) it’s more about sightseeing and sampling the culture, but there will be opportunities for me to take...
  2. C

    New to Cloud Photography.. Questions!

    Interested in Digital Cloud Photography Project... aiming for sublime, visceral feelings that clouds can capture.. Some pictures I have taken to visualize my aesthetic. Shooting with Canon 5D -24-105mm Questions! Filters UV filters, neutral density filters, polarizing, or haze or sky...
  3. L

    Cheapest flash for canon 80D with functioning AF beam

    Hey all, I work in a nightclub and need a flash which has an AF assist which would work on an 80D, I have had 3 from Amazon which all work with my old 600D(Rebel T3i) but do not have the AF assist beam working on the 80D. I have the exact same settings and I have made sure to have the flash enabled within...