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  1. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 12/06/2022

    I am late, sorry, things got hectic. Instead of working first thing this morning, I chose the IOTW. This week the IOTW goes to @Mj224 for his photo Lizard for Lunch Anyone? from this thread.
  2. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 29/11/2020

    It is my turn to pick the IOTW once again. I do not always make it through the photo posting areas every week, so it is good when it is my turn to pick. This week I picked a photo that is of a traditional subject but yet is not traditional at all. Congrats to @chingts for his photo...
  3. Roger S

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 26/03/2017

    Once again it has rolled around to my choice for Image Of The Week. There have been so many great shots posted this week and each day I had to add another to the short list for choices to make on a Sunday Night. In the end, I went with this great landscape by @wraggtime , of a beautiful...
  4. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 26/02/2017

    It fell upon me to me to pick the image of the week this week. I had help from one of my daughters but I really think she just wanted to see the animal photos. This one is different than something I normally like. It is a "fake" situation because of the subject, but I still really liked it...
  5. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 6/11/2016

    Sorry I am late on posting this. If it helps, it is 5 hours earlier there than it is for most of you :) I work my way through all of the post your images forums and open the ones I like in new tabs. Then I go through the open ones and narrow it down more. It is harder than going through my...
  6. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 12/06/2016

    The task fell upon my shoulders this week. I went forward and scoured the forums for the very best we had to offer this week. This one is just a great photo. It has great light, a great setting, and a great mood. I think this was so well executed. Congratulations to @Cannockwolf with your...
  7. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 25/04/2016

    Sorry I am so very late on this. There were a lot of great photos this past week but one stood out for me even though I had not commented on it in the thread. From the thread "Model and Student" @Chipyluna 's photo is the IOTW. Congratulations!
  8. DonS

    Competition Result IOTW Winner for Week Ending 14/02/2016

    This was my first time to chose the IOTW. I had a very hard time deciding on what to choose. There were lots of good candidates. Finally, I chose Mary's Shell by @yasser . I really like the composition and the feel of the photo.