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  1. piersidephotos

    River shoot with Christina

    Local Facebook model group was looking for photographers for a river shoot, but at 1pm! Middle of Summer here, so I thought twice about committing, but ended up going. Image 1: I grabbed this shot of the model throwing a bunch of wild flowers in the air. Would have been nice to catch both...
  2. MCM

    A headshot style portrait

    Hi guys, Here is a Headshot style portrait (portrait but headshot you know) I photographed presently in the studio. Would like to hear what are your thoughts on the look and style of the image.
  3. the voyager

    Gabriel. Chanting and Singing in Thor's Cave

    I went back to Thor's Cave on Saturday night and camped over, hoping for a deep warm sunrise but then realised it was January 5th! As I was walking down about 8am I seen this proud man walking towards me. I had to ask! He is part of the African Apostolic Church and they don't build churches...
  4. J

    Maternity Photography

    Hi all, I’ve been viewing some maternity photos that have a beautiful dresses that look like they are floating, milky, silky, smokey. Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial on how to do this. My guess is that multiple images are taken of the dress and they are then manipulated in...
  5. MCM

    No Critique Required Actress headsho in a studio

    Hello comrades, I'd like to share an image from my latest studio work, involving photographing a aspiring young Actress Headshots in a studio (more images from the session on the link/blog). Actress studio headshot photo ssession by Nikolay Mirchev, on Flickr
  6. A

    Portraits: Larger Aperture or Longer Lens?

    Looking to purchase a new lens for portrait photography like these: LINKS REMOVED by MOD due to copyright infringement I've been using a 70-240mm f/4.5-5.6, which broke recently. For my next lens, should I prioritize a lower F-stop (50m f/1.8) or a longer lens (75-300mm f/4.5-5.6) to get the...
  7. C

    Advice on starting off professionally

    Im at the stage now where I’m taking the leap from serious amateur to professional. I’ve done a few paid shoots and am just setting up a website. I don’t feel that I have enough images from different shoots to populate an online portfolio and I would be interested to know how other photographers...
  8. Holymacro303


  9. VIvek Baghel

    Portrait with bike lights

    I was thinking to click some Portrait with fairly light but I couldn't manage fairy lights & I decide to try with with bike lights. So I tried & got this shot. I want know your advise, What could be more better in this Portrait ?
  10. M

    Man on his Moped

    One of my personal favourites and one which respresents my style of photography as no other: closeup and personal. Suspicion by Maarten Baars, on Flickr
  11. Micky B

    Self Portrait

    Hey All, I vanished for a while (not that anyone would notice) and the reason being is i got frustrated with my images i was producing and got the huff. So i read up, learnt new things, and practised a bit more. (not sure if its paid off). See my self portrait... Its what i was aiming for and...
  12. J

    Advice needed for small home studio

    Hi, I'm currently weighing up my options in terms of equipment for a small home photography studio (in my living room). I will be doing mainly headshots but would also like to be able to do medium and perhaps full length portraits. The layout of the room is shown in my childish sketch below...
  13. Kev Y

    Thoughts on Flexible LED Panels?

    I've been looking at some flexible lighting options ever since I saw this video from Emberlabs: I this short film was mostly all CGI, but I thought it was ingenious that that used an flexible led light to create that camp fire effect. I've never see anything like this up until this point. I've...
  14. Oce Ridwanudin

    Full Critique Another shot

    I hope i got improvement than before thank to your feedback guys and i hope this image is better than before too.but i'm need a lot advice from all of you guys.that's why i still need your feedback..
  15. Oce Ridwanudin

    Portrait at night

    this is my 2nd post, plz give me some feedback to improve my skill.thx
  16. J


  17. rusticbonde

    Full Critique Newbie working on skin tones!

    Hi there, I am fairly new and working on skin tones from old photos using the LR HSL settings. I would really love some feedback on whether these need warming / cooling or nepalming. Happy to take whatever critique is thrown in order to really improve my tones :D
  18. Oce Ridwanudin

    Full Critique Testing my new lens

    This is one of my pic from testing my new lens 70-200 f2.8L IS USM Plz give me some feedback,i want to improve my skill Thx Camera setting f2.8 1/640 iso 100 using high speed sync Camera setting f2.8 1/500 iso 100 using HSS
  19. JasonChildren

    Cape Town Urban shoot

    Had a great shoot yesterday morning with Cape Town model Talitha Bauerain. Feel free to crit! Its how we learn.
  20. S

    Hello from Chennai !

    Dear All !! I am Santhosh, based on Chennai. Undertaking assignments in wedding and portrait photography. I am a newbie, So would like to know and share more with all your support. Thanks.
  21. Wallflower

    Do I invest in fantastic lens or a fantastic camera body - flexible budget

    So I'm needing a bit of advice from you guys out there that really know your stuff, because I'm easily bamboozled by a lot of camera technology as I'm pretty new to it in some aspects. I've had a Panasonic LUMIX GF3 now for a few years which came with a couple of kit lenses. I've found that I...
  22. Micky B

    Full Critique The Wife

    Morning all, When ever i write a post i feel like im pestering people, however that aside... So im still very much learning, and im sure some people have seen i have previously had trouble with lighting and focus, however this being said i was extremely pleased with this photo, its hard to...
  23. Cat Crawford

    First attempt at self-portraits

    I'm still very new to photography and I wanted to have a play around with the burn and dodge tool in Photoshop to try and recreate all of those amazing, super contrasted portraits I've been seeing lately. I don't know how I did, so any pointers would be much appreciated!
  24. H

    Alyx, my 2nd shoot

    Ok, 2nd shoot and mum and daughter very happy, went with something a little different and took a makeup artist with me. I am really pleased with the outcome. Dave