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  1. Glamourtog

    NSFW Hello from the Chilterns

    I am a retired mid 60's enthusiastic amateur glamour photographer and have been shooting since the 1970's. A major fan of vintage glamour, nude and fashion photography I would love to hear from fellow photographers with similar tastes. Currently scanning my way though several thousand old negs...
  2. D

    Buying a camera

    Hi all I am a video editor and produce promotional videos. I am looking looking to buy a camera to produce professional promotional videos. My budget is £1000 (which I know is not huge, but all I can afford). What can people recommend? Many thanks D
  3. C

    Lens help!

    Hi everyone! I have a Sony A6000 camera and want to buy a telephoto lens for it! I have looked at the Sony one but have also been looking at other options using adaptors etc. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice on this as I am pretty clueless! Thanks!
  4. K

    Good cinematographer - crappy photographer

    Hi Everyone. I'm new here and begginer in this field. My hobby started with DJI Spark drone when i wanted to fly around and see everything from above and made a short 2min movie about my town. Then i realised that i can not show everything around i wanted to with a drone so i got Sony A6300 +...
  5. Cosycampbell

    DIY Lens cases

    Hi everybody. Came up with this idea the other day whilst carrying a couple of vintage prime lenses in my bag loose so I decided to make a quick video to share. (its been edited thanks to some feedback) I'm new to photography so my outlay and budget has been minimal so far but I've managed...
  6. P

    Camera v lens help

    Hello, I'm trying to up my photography game and I've come to a grinding halt. This might be a total novice mistake but I can't work out what's going wrong. I have a Sony NEX-F3 which came with two lenses, a prime and a zoom. After a while experimenting with these I want to try some shooting...
  7. D

    Please suggest me the best Mirrorless Camera

    Hi im planning to buy a mirrorless camera to replace my current DSLR camera .. im looking for the best one that can be used to take portrait picture and scenery... my current DSLR is actually good but its so heavy!! and now i want something that is light, touchscreen, wifi and price is not a...
  8. Knuxxed

    Upgrade advice...

    I have had my Canon EOS 100D(Rebel SL1) for a solid 3-4 years and I'm considering upgrading. My main use for it recently has become video and the quality does lack in key areas. I was looking at the Sony A7S but apparently the quality of low light video isn't great, I don't wan't to rush into any decisions...
  9. W

    help confirm this is right teleconverter for Nex-5r

    I have a Sony nex-5r with Sony 18-55 an 55-200 lenses. These are just fine for the sort of stuff I normally shoot. However, i am going on safari to Tanzania in a few months time and want to find a way to add a bit more telephoto "grunt" to my arsenal. I can't afford to update the body of the...
  10. C

    A6000 vs E-M10 Mk II

    I currently own a Canon G16, and I'm looking to purchase a mirrorless camera system. I mainly shoot landscape, mountains and climbers, however I'm looking to get into astrophotography and 'urbex'/abandoned buildings type stuff as well. I'm considering either the Sony A6000 and the Olympus...
  11. Al Rik

    Sigma 70-200mm for Sony a7

    Hey there! I'm planning to buy myself the Sigma 70-200mm f.2.8 lens, mainly for my Sony a7 (I also own an a6000 and thought about buying an a6500 or gh4 soon for filmmaking). Now I know this lens comes in different mounts. The obvious choice would be to buy it with Sony e mount. But instead I...
  12. W

    Run & Gun Documentary Video Gear, HELP ME DECIDE :D

    Hello, This is first ever post on this forum. I genuinely cannot decide what camera setup to go for. I need something great all around for video and photography. Image stabilization is essential. Currently I am trying to decide between Sony A6000 + 18-105 f4 OSS G Sony A6300 + 16-50 Kit...
  13. James Loudoun

    Stuck between Nikon and Sony... Help!

    Hi guys! After saving for ages i’m ready to upgrade to some really good gear, i’ve been using a Canon 6D with a 24-120 f4 for a few years now, which i like but it’s taken some beatings and it’s time to upgrade. I do a lot of large property photography and want a camera that I can film indoors...