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Canon AE-1 Help Needed


New Member
Jul 15, 2021
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Hello friends, fairly new camera learner here. Recently bought a film camera to get better at photography and loved it up until I found out I had a light leak. I can proudly say after watching a plethora of YouTube tutorials that I was able to fix it BUT, allow me to provide some context for what I need help with.

During the process of fixing it, I actually broke the small hatch that allows you to open the film door panel and close it. Needless to say, I had to remove
the bottom and look in there, and also remove the front lens screws and remove some parts there. I got the hatch back in but my fear is that my tinkering at those two areas might have caused some damage. Last bit of info here, I’ve got two left over screws that I can’t seem to find where they go on the camera so just to preface that as well.

anyway, I popped my film in and checked the light meter which was working fine. As soon as I cocked the camera and primed it for a photo however, it’s as if the camera itself shut down. It won’t fire, the meter doesn’t work, nothing. I assumed one of two things. The catalyst for this problem could be the trigger(not sure what it’s called but the part to prep the next frame in your roll) because the moment I cocked it back, it shut off. My other theory was the battery. I purchased a brand new one, popped in and it was preforming just fine without film inside BUT the moment I put film in and rolled the first frame, the exact same problem occurred.

My fear is that the wiring within or a release lever is malfunctioning only when film needs to be rolled but I can explain why my battery and the camera itself, turns itself “off” the moment the film comes in. I’m sending this out to the experts out there as this is my last hope before potentially hunting down an expert of repairs to see if they can’t figure it out.
Good luck my friends and I hope someone can help.

Roger S

Crazy Canuck
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May 25, 2008
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

You have supplied a fair bit of information here, but whatever is wrong with your camera now would be difficult to put in words. Let's start with the obvious first.

Did you have the battery removed when you took off the bottom plate? If not you may have a more serious problem than you think. it could be a fired circuit board or fried release capacitor. I hope that's not it. Other than that, there are electronic switches and magnets throughout the whole cocking system. If any one of those are grounded then your camera will shut down, so have another look at all the wires and solder joints in any area you had open.

Sorry, I can't be of anymore help, but it's a start. We do have a handful of people on the forum who have done countless repairs. One of those members should be along shortly.