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Lens help!


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Jun 29, 2018
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Hi everyone!

I have a Sony A6000 camera and want to buy a telephoto lens for it!

I have looked at the Sony one but have also been looking at other options using adaptors etc.

I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some advice on this as I am pretty clueless!



Jul 22, 2013
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Lens adapters for the Sony 6000 are available. However to ensure compatibility between lens and camera you will have to do some research. Your firmware version, the adapter, whether you are using contrast or phase detection AF, and/or the specific lens you are interested in all play a role for compatibility. Canon, Nikon, etc. do not sell their lenses with any information as to suitability with other systems. You will need to look to the manufacturer of the Adapter and Sony for the best information on compatibility. Other photographer's experiences will also be very useful.

Some adapters provide full auto functionality (exposure, AF, aperture) some do not - those that do are much more expensive. Some provide additional capabilities such as speed boost and wider angle of view, these too come at a hike in price. Using a Canon (for example) lens on the Sony will typically mean that AF is a bit slower and possibly less accurate than on a Canon body this is because all of the camera-to-lens-to-camera communications have to be re-interpreted.

The Metabones Canon or Nikon Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapters and the Vello Canon or Nikon Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Accelerator AF Lens adapters provide full auto operations for the lenses. Both have a limited selection of lenses that are compatible and both only allow contrast detection - I think. Other adapters are available as well.

Check out the websites for compatibility information

Metabones seems to offer more products but are more expensive, I suspect that they are better than Vello but it is your budget and personal requirements that determine which is best for you.