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Lets Make A Little Moonshine.

I was out last week and took the background photo of an old car mysteriously in the middle of the woods with trees growing through it. Seemed appropriate to place my moonshiner. So the forest is my computer monitor. A base was butted up to the monitor some sand laid down and the setup completed. The trick was lighting the foreground to somewhat match the computer brightness.



These shots of yours are so clever - another cracker.

When you do others wouldn’t it be our of order to ask for a behind the scenes smart phone shot?
I keep forgetting to do it. As soon as I took things away after finally getting the shot I remembered what I forgot to do.....take an explanation photo. I will do it next time, I Promise.
These shots of yours are so clever - another cracker.

When you do others wouldn’t it be our of order to ask for a behind the scenes smart phone shot?
Using my computer monitor for the background, and taking the photo from where Im sitting now, some have asked for a behind the scenes shot, which I usually forget to do. Well with that in mind I did this nice ride through the english countryside. The base the car sits on is an 18 x 18" tile. You can usually get them free if you ask for a couple for something you are planning. So they let you have them. You have to raise it to match the bottom of the pic with a slight downward slope towards the camera. Place the car in the proper position. Be sure to put a coin under a rear wheel to stop runaway. In this case there was a roadway leading out of the photo. Set the camera up. You can see the settings I used for the shot. You will probably require some Photoshop tweaking but its minor. Crop and show.


I didnt bother to prep the tile so it blended in with the roadway in the monitor. It almost works on its own. But you get the general idea.