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Why are photographers obsessed with other photographers gear changes


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Jul 15, 2016
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Good points, I'm sure my 850's and glass will depreciate like a stone over the next few years. I just can't imagine that I will ever need more image quality than I already have so will probably stick with it.
Do - it's a remarkable sensor and camera. Just bear in mind the Z7ii with the same sensor has lenses specifically designed and optimised for that sensor, not sure any of the F mount stuff does as it was all released before the D850.

My advice is to replace everything at once - PC, camera etc. I found when I got the Z my machine didn't cope at all well, the signs were there with the D810 but this 645Z kills it. I knew it would but it's 9yo...time marches on. I got it to edit 12mp D5000 files.

Your PC, camera, lens, tripod, filters, you. It's all one system. When you change one you put the strain on another. New PC build = new camera. I tend to change my PC's every 8 years - usually in line with the new RAM cycles ie mine was a DDR3 board, new one a DDR4 board, next one will be when DDR5 is at it's peak or even DDR6.